Em Rossi: Teenage pop singer shakes up the scene with ‘Earthquake’

By: Kevin Wierzbicki
AXS Contributor

Earthquakes are generally pretty big news. The same can be said for Em Rossi’s “Earthquake,” the hit single that’s currently putting the 17-year-old singer on the front page as it sends tremors throughout the pop music universe.

“Earthquake” is the first single from an album that Rossi is currently finishing up, a task that’s being completed in the shadow of the recent loss of her father. In our interview below though, which was conducted by email, Rossi demonstrates that besides being enormously talented she is also thoughtful and well-grounded, giving her a solid foundation to build her life and career on. And by the way, Em still needs to graduate high school. Rossi’s commentary is given exclusively to AXS.com.

AXS: We know that you had a special musical relationship with your late father. Do you remember what artist or song or kind of music the two of you first bonded over…

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