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Instagram post 17900115799707827 As we end 2020, I’ve been thinking on things a lot and wanted to share this perspective. There are many people entering this new year with someone missing at the dinner table, without a parent to say goodnight to them, spouses going to sleep in a half empty bed. I say this as someone who has lost a parent at a young age; anyone who hasn’t directly lost someone close to them can’t fully comprehend just how shattering it actually is. I think that’s why so many people are afraid to talk about death. We don’t want to imagine it happening to ourselves or our families and friends so we push any idea of it aside for later. However, some don’t have that choice anymore. As much as loss is a finality it is also a constant to those who now have to go on living without their loved one. It doesn’t get any easier, you simply learn how to carry that weight. Loss goes beyond the generalized emotional heartbreak and impacts almost every aspect of one’s life from then on both physically and mentally. 

As we try to pick up the pieces, there will be many who will not completely bounce back from the many effects of 2020. I hope people look at those who pass them by on the streets or their family members sitting next to them at home and take note of what really matters. Everyone has their own story and struggles. We need to not only be understanding of that but remind ourselves just how lucky some of us are to have things like love, family, comfort, and security in our lives. 

All that being said, the one thing about life that we can all hold onto is that it always moves forward. Your pain does not define you, a bad break, failure, your depression, your fear, things out of your control, not getting to achieve your goals yet, and so on. None of that defines you. So no matter where you are within your life or the things you are currently facing please remember to continue believing in yourself and look out for those around you who may be struggling. Use the heartache you experience and the love from those you lost as a catalyst to learn, give, and become stronger.

Keep moving forward. All the best to you in this new year. Much love.
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